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After a much too long delay I added two fighting games to the site: Karate Kid 2 and Master Axe. I'll be adding more games from that genre, but with the amount of detail that these types of games cram into their backgrounds it can become quite a big task to grab everything.
Karate Kid 2 Karate Kid 2 - Daniels First Encounter Karate Kid 2 - On The Road In The Evening Karate Kid 2 - The Miyagi Garden - As It Was Karate Kid 2 - Outside Naha City Karate Kid 2 - In The Miyagi Dojo Karate Kid 2 - At The Old Fishing Harbour Karate Kid 2 - Opposite The Storm Shelter Karate Kid 2 - At TheMisty Waterfront Karate Kid 2 - The Miyagi Garden - After The Message Karate Kid 2 - Overlooking The Valley Karate Kid 2 - The Final Encounter Master Axe Master Axe - Menu Master Axe - Bar Master Axe - Dojo Master Axe - Pine Forest Master Axe - Ghost Town Master Axe - Last Vegas Master Axe - Los Angeles Master Axe - Maui Beach Master Axe - Mt. Rushmore Master Axe - Oriental Theatre Master Axe - Rooftop Master Axe - Spirit Master Axe - Steel Works Master Axe - Devils Bayou Master Axe - White House Master Axe - Story