Amiga Graphics Archive


This update adds several small features to the site:

I got inspired by the interview with Jim Sachs to add automatic scaling to NTSC images that corrects the pixel aspect ratio. It does add scaling artefacts, but it can be disabled by clicking on the aspect ratio button in the top right corner. It switches between "original" and "square".

The stylesheets will now also try to fit the images better inside a browser window by moving the image info box to the left, if it detects a 16:10 or wider browser window. This works quite well in most case, especially with fullHD monitors.
If it prevents you from seeing the images in their full 4x4 resolution then just change the scaling option in the top right corner of the screen from "Auto" to "Large".

I added a slideshow feature, that shows the images on the front page fullscreen. It can be enabled by clicking on the arrow icon in the top right corner of the screen. It also tries to be safe for work, but I won't take responsibility quite yet, if it fails.

There are also small preview images while browsing the next and previous images.

Last but not least, I also added a bunch of nice company logos, because it's always nice to have something new to look at, after such a long wait.
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