Amiga Graphics Archive


Added a new feature to view the color palette of images that have multiple palettes. This was often used to display more colors than actually possible. To view these simply move the mouse over the image and the palette will change when you move from one palette segment to the next.

I also added a new category to the front page so that these images can be found more easily. Simply look for "Special" and select the "Copper" category (it's called Copper since the palette changing was usually done by the Copper). I also added the categories "Animated" and "Color Cycling" so that these images can also be directly selected.

Last but not least I found out that the title for Starray (also in the Copper category) was actually done by Arno Seiler and that the title for Aegis Sonix (also in the Color Cycling category) was done by Jim Sachs.
Project X Starray Wings of Death Wings of Death - Game Over