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Airbus A320 Afterburner Agony Adventure Construction Set Airball Alien Breed Alien Breed 2 Amnios AMOS Professional Aquaventura Aquaventura - Unused Title Archipelagos Astaroth Baal Ballistix Ball Raider Barbarian Battle Chess Battleships Battle Squadron Bio Challenge Carrier Command Chessmaster 2000 Clown-o-Mania CrazyCars2 Crystal Hammer CyberCon III Deep Space Deluxe Music Construction Set Deluxe Print Deluxe Video Devious Designs Aegis Diga! E-Motion Exile F/A-18 Interceptor Falcon Fighter Bomber Fire & Forget Fire & Forget 2 Flashback Flood Full Contact Full Contact - Intro Fusion Giganoid Deluxe Paint - Paint Can Goldrunner Graphics Studio Gravity Hard n' Heavy Hellfire Attack Hybris Impossible Mission 2 Infestation Incredible Shrinking Sphere Sonix Karate Kid 2 Killing Cloud Kult Kult - U.S. title Leatherneck Legend of the Sword Lotus Lotus 2 Lotus 3 Magic Marble MasterSound MasterSound - Credits Mindroll Nebulus Nitro Nitro - Ending Obliterator Off Shore Warrior Insanity Fight Photon Paint Pipe Mania Prehistoric Tale Project X Purple Saturn Day Quartz R- Type Return To Genesis Sarakon Shadow of the Beast Shadow of the Beast 2 Spherical Spidertronic Starglider 2 Starray Stormlord - EU version Stormlord - US version Supercars Sword of Sodan Tanglewood Thalion Traps'n'Treasures Commando Galivan Highlander 2 Unreal Vaxine - Title Videoscape 3D Voyager Warhead Wizball Wreckers Zany Golf Zynaps