Amiga Graphics Archive


Many games were developed for multiple plattforms. The different technical capabilities of the individual machines led to interesting versions of the same image. Ranging from fewer or more colors, to completely different interpretations of the original motif.

The Atari ST was the Amiga's main competitor in the 16bit era. The main differences of the Atari ST were:

  • Maximum of 16 colors on screen at once.
  • Color palette only 9bit deep, 512 colors in total, resulting in rougher gradients and simpler hues.
  • Resolutions only available in NTSC (i.e. 200 or 400 lines per image)
You can switch between the plattforms by clicking on the "Amiga", "AtariST" buttons in the top right menu.
Airbus A320 Airbus A320 - Loading Afterburner King Tutankhamun Airball Archipelagos Astaroth Barbarian Barbarian - Loading Battle Chess Falcon Fighter Bomber Fighter Bomber - Loader Fighter Bomber - Menu Flood Hard n' Heavy Infestation Obliterator Obliterator - Loader Albert Einstein Starray Stormlord - EU version Thalion Venus - Loader Wings of Death