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Alien Breed - Ending Amiga Dreams Amiga Dreams - Lady Otway Amiga Dreams - North Light Amiga Dreams - Serpent Amiga Dreams - The Dragon Amiga Dreams - The End Amiga Dreams - The Tower Amiga Dreams - Treasure Juicy Lucy Party 3 The Dhryads Interlace Charon - Book Charon - Dragons Charon - Patterns Charon - Wings Abraxas Hostile Wings Winter Queen Dragon Competition Encounter Flute Player Mind Riot Orthlund PurpleWorm WelcomeHome Winter Courier Winter Path Fantasy Rider Full Contact - Ending My Siren Aegis C64 Contest Winner Porsche Collage Seeing Angel Humphrey Bogart Budgie Micro Kid Star Trek New Generation Pamaopa Clipper David Mariano Fortuny Aztec Dog Estelle Unreal Unknown 5