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The Gremlin logo only changed three times during it's lifetime.
The first one (with a real gremlin) is ommited here as it only appeared on Gremlins 8bit titles.

From 1986 to 1994 the typographic rainbow logo was used.
It took until 1989 for the digital logo to form.

In 1994 Gremlin Graphics was renamed to Gremlin Interactive.
Together with the name change also came a new logo which had to replace the playful rainbow colored 80'ies logo in favour of a clean and modern type logo.
Gremlin Graphics - 1989 Gremlin Graphics - 1990-1991 Gremlin Graphics - 1992-1994 Gremlin Graphics - Magnetic Fields Gremlin Graphics - Small - 1988 Gremlin Graphics - Small - 1992 Gremlin Interactive - Big Gremlin Interactive - Medium Gremlin Interactive - Small